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Interviews with Hemp & Cannabis professionals, hosted by Chase Nobles and

The HempList is back every week with at least one interview (Monday’s & Thursdays). Chase Nobles, founder of, welcomes an interesting hemp or cannabis leader to discuss how they got into the industry, and the latest obstacles or solutions they’ve come across. Guests range from farmers, to scientists, and even investors within the industry.

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Latest Episode

Sunny River Farms is a family operation, and Chase asks Bill & Ben to elaborate on how that’s been working and some of the challenges of keeping the business within the family circle. On top of that, they are located in Southern Oregon and have plenty of tips for growing in a state with Strict THC rules (.3% TOTAL, not Delta 9), and how that has shaped their farm.

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More Episodes (Previous 3)

Sleepy Bear has a popular line of sleep formulated gummies for sale on (wholesale). In this podcast Kyle & Chase go over what it’s like working in the Cannabis / Hemp industry with a Veteran background, sleep formulations including CBN, and some of the strategy behind Sleepy Bear.

Ry Botsch joins us on the HempList this week to talk about how Illuminent has implemented a successful Multi Level Marketing strategy to sell finished goods in the Hemp space. Ry talks about the strengths of this strategy, popular items, ‘Vape-Gate 2018’ and more!

Kerby Coman joins us on the HempList this week to talk about his personal story with CBD & Cannabis, and to talk about some of the benifits and challenges of growing hemp in Alaska. Hosted by Chase Nobles, founder of

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