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Interviews with Hemp & Cannabis professionals, hosted by Chase Nobles and

The HempList is back every week with at least one interview. Chase Nobles, founder of, welcomes an interesting hemp or cannabis leader to discuss how they got into the industry, and the latest obstacles or solutions they’ve come across. Guests range from farmers, to scientists, and even investors within the industry.

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Adam Lovgren and Michael Vietti join us this week from one of the worlds largest table grape vine producers, Sunridge Nurseries. Interviewed by Chase Nobles the founder of, Adam and Michael not only explain how a Grape Vine Nursery gets into the Hemp Space, but they also offer plenty of advise for farmers working with hemp & cannabis Clones, Seeds, & Transplants.

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Cindy Brown from Boswell Farms joins us on The HempList, Interviewed by Chase Nobles the founder of Cindy comes from running a successful marketing business to farming CBG Hemp in Iowa. She not only tells her story, but provides a ton of education on CBG, and how it’s different than other cannabinoids like THC and CBD.

Robin Peterson from Relief Leaf CBD joins us on The HempList, Interviewed by Chase Nobles the founder of Robin has an incredible personal story about her own history with cancer and CBD. Since, Robin has started a CBD store in Florida and goes into the struggles of getting started in the hemp CBD retail space.

Derek from Cherry Blossom Extracts joins us on The HempList, Interviewed by Chase Nobles the founder of Derek is the Director of Sales for Cherry Blossom, which focuses on Hydrocarbon Extraction within the Hemp Industry. Derek goes into misconceptions about hydrocarbons, and where he thinks the demand for hemp concentrates is heading in 2021.

This episode features Mike & Lee from M-61 Processing, Interviewed by Chase Nobles the founder of M-61 specializes on using their own Sonic Wave technology to process hemp material for cannabinoids.

This podcast features a long time cannabis and now hemp grower, Troy Littlejohn of Littlejohn Farms. Chase hosts a great conversation as they walk through how Troy got started growing Cannabis in the Appalachia’s and ended up growing legal cannabis & hemp in Missouri (with more states to come).

In this interview Chase and Tony dive into Silver Creek Farm’s recent transition from a more traditional agricultural background into high quality, smokeable hemp growing.

In this episode of The HempList we welcome Max & Jojo coming fresh off the first Hemp Harvest in Missouri. Under Tall Trees Hemp, Max & Jojo were able to convert a Corn & Soy farm into a small hemp operation.

In this episode of The HempList Chase welcomes Big Pete from Ara CBD, a long time cannabis and hemp entrepreneur. Big Pete specializes in building brands and products from scratch and has a long history of launching hemp products.

This interview was with Michael and Eric from Good Earth Growers based in Yunnan, China. Hemp growing has been around for thousands of years in China, but currently growing hemp for industrial purposes and processing CBD is only allowed in the Yunnan province.

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