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In recent days, questions have been raised about the safety associated with vaping due to reported cases of serious illness and death. Vaping, or vaporizing, is a process of heating a solution in such a way that allows for inhalation at lower temperatures than conventional combustion (smoking). The safety concerns that are being reported in the media are surrounding the input material being vaporized (nicotine solutions or cannabis oil); as the process of vaporizing and the technology associated with it are generally considered safe. In an effort to provide information and education, SoL Cannabis would like to provide the following facts about our cannabis vaping oil and other products as well as suggest that 100% of your cannabis and CBD products are purchased through licensed dispensaries.


1. All SoL Cannabis products designed for vaping begin as Organically produced, lab-certified flower, which has been subjected to and passed the most rigorous testing in the United States.
1.1 Black market products and nicotine juice are not subjected to the same level of testing and scrutiny as Nevada regulated cannabis products.

2. All SoL Cannabis flower is grown in organic soil without the use of any synthetic fertilizer – resulting in the cleanest, best tasting, and safest product possible.

3. SoL Cannabis cartridges are produced using Co2 extraction and are 100% strain specific and natural, free from any non cannabis derived additives or dilution agents.

4. SoL Cannabis extracted oils are filled into only the finest vaporizing hardware, which are known as cartridges. These cartridges use a ceramic coil, which is the cleanest and safest method for vaporized consumption.
4.1 Black market products and nicotine solutions are sometimes consumed using counterfeit or modified hardware, exposing the user to unknown side effects.

5. SoL Cannabis cartridges are 100% cannabis oil – nothing is ever added to dilute or alter the naturally plant derived oils.

6. SoL Cannabis takes great pride in complete transparency and bringing the cleanest, safest, best tasting, and most effective products to our consumers.

7. SoL Cannabis will not sell any products manufactured using any dilution agents including MCT coconut oil, PEG, and PG!

SoL is 100% behind the quality of testing and regulations in the Nevada Cannabis Industry. It is our duty to protect and inform consumers, which is why we believe you should only accept cannabis products derived from flower that is grown without the use of synthetic fertilizer and additives.

We will continue to inform and educate Nevada’s consumers and want to assure each and every one of you that Nevada’s safety and testing requirements are amongst the most stringent in the WORLD!

Our highly educated team is always available to answer questions about SoL Cannabis’s products and other licensed manufacturers.

We hope that in light of recent events, this information will allow you to continue using cannabis products with complete confidence as your health and safety are of the utmost importance to the entire Nevada Cannabis Industry.

Grounded in gratitude.

SoL Cannabis


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