It’s Stoner Madness: Leafly’s ‘What’s The Best Way To Get High?’ Tournament


Even with this year’s March Madness tournament canceled, we’re not ready to let the season pass without getting some bracketology in. In that spirit, greetings and welcome to Leafly’s Stoner Madness—a cannabracket challenge where we’ll compare your favorite cannabis consumption methods in order to answer life’s most burning question: What is the best way to get high from weed?

You’ve been telling your blunt-smoking bestie that joints are way better, while grandma has been telling you edibles are way better than vape pens. Well, starting today, it’s time to put your voting where your mouth is. Cast your vote in the article below, or via one of our polls on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. We’ll tally every vote when the polls close at 6pm PST, and you’ll be able to vote for the remaining entrants the next morning.

Vote every day to see your favorite method through to the final round, and check back daily to find out which method wins each matchup.

Voting schedule:

  • Sweet 16: Mon 3/16 – 6am-6pm PST
  • Elite 8: Tues 3/17 – 6am-6pm PST
  • Final 4: Wed 3/18 – 6am-6pm PST
  • Championship Round: Thurs 3/19 – 6am-6pm PST
  • Champion Announcement: Fri 3/20 – 6am PST

Seeding was based on appropriate considerations and cultural popularity.

Now, let’s meet our teams and matchups.


Stoner Madness Round 1

North Region:

(1) Joints vs. (4) Infused beverages

Joints are papers with weed rolled in them. They’re perfect for sessions where you want a method that will last long enough for a good conversation. Negatively, joints tend to use more weed than other methods and if rolled wrong, they can burn super weird, i.e. canoe.

Infused beverages are edibles in drinkable form. They can be sodas, teas, coffees: pretty much anything you can slurp down with a straw. They’re great for a tasty treat, but like any edible, are easy to overconsume and can put you in a highly sedated state. Great for nighttime sessions, a whole bottle of any infused beverage will probably lay you down for the count.

(2) Candy edibles vs. (3) Tabletop vaporizers

Candy edibles are gummies, hard candies, mints, and chocolates. These are extremely common amongst consumers who don’t want to smoke up their lungs. Conversely, the high can be very short-lived and difficult to time.

Tabletop vaporizers are vaporizers that sit—you guessed it—on your tabletop at home. The pros of them are the pros of every vaporizer: the cleanest smoke and a heavier high than most other ways of consuming flower. Cons of these herb vaporizers is that they’re not generally set up for other consumption methods, and some complain they give weed a burnt popcorn smell and taste.

South Region:

(1) Blunts vs. (4) Sublinguals

Blunts are usually tobacco wraps stuffed with weed, but they can also be made using hemp wraps. They burn the longest out of all the roll-it-up ways (excluding that ridiculous-ass Cannagar). They also cost more considering sticks usually come in 2-packs, and you have to purchase them every other time you smoke. And of course, they’re not necessarily the right choice for people bothered by tobacco smoke.

Sublinguals are a non-smokable way of consuming cannabis where you put strips or drops under your tongue and wait for that high to hit. They tend to come in lighter doses, making sublinguals great for consumers who want to ease into their high.

(1) Baked edibles vs. (4) Pipes

Baked edibles are cookies, cakes, brownies, and any other infused baked goods. Like candied edibles, these are great for nonsmokers but can be tough to dose out, especially since making sure your cannabis oil is dispersed evenly throughout a whole batch of baked goods is pretty tough.

Pipes are exactly what you think they are: glass, metal, or ceramic pipes that you use to smoke flower. They’re great for solo smokers and don’t use much weed, so you can definitely make your buds stretch. Just make sure to keep them clean as a dirty pipe will make your hits all resiny, which will lead to terrible taste and increased coughing.

West Region:

(1) Dabs vs. (4) Topicals

Dabs are the most flavorful way to consume cannabis and also one of the most potent forms of marijuana on the market. Basically, dabs are oil extracted from the cannabis plant, which can come in many forms—hash, diamonds, crystals, sugar, wax, shatter, and more are all types of dabs. This method allows you to concentrate on cannabinoids and terpenes without smoking a bunch of plant matter, but it will also be a very potent and powerful experience as most dabs are upward of 60% THC. Novice consumers should tread lightly.

Topicals are lotions and balms that people rub into their bodies to feel the effects of cannabis. Like sublinguals, these are a great option for nonsmokers and consumers who want a lighter cannabis experience than flower or dabs may provide.

(2) Bongs vs. (3) One-hitters & chillums

Bongs are water pipes made from ceramic, glass, or even even plastic or silicone. They are perfect for solo sessions, as a single hit from a bong can definitely get even a veteran pot smoker to their destination. And since they’re so powerful and efficient, they are a great option for smokers who are looking to make their stash go a little further. No matter what they’re made of, bongs can get pretty dirty though, and from there, the dirtiness will affect the taste of your smoke, as well as the harshness of your hits, so make sure you change your water and clean your gear frequently.

One-hitters are a way of consuming cannabis that allow you to take—you guessed it—one hit of weed, and get up out of there. It’s the single most conservative way to consume cannabis, but one-hitters have earned a reputation for being small but mighty—many smokers have found themselves unexpectedly ripped from seemingly small single hits. Chillums are essentially just big one-hitters.

East Region:

(1) Vape pens vs. (4) Gravity bongs

Vape pens are the various portable oil vaporizers that, despite their relatively recent arrival on the seen have become one of the most common ways of consuming cannabis these days. Vape pens consist  cannabis oil cartridges—such as 510-thread cartridges, Pax Era carts, IndigoPro carts and so forth— and batteries that heat that oil so you can consumer it. They’re great for getting a light high while you’re on the go, as well as being sneaky, but boy can they be pricey.

Gravity bongs are typically handmade bongs created with plastic bottles and water tubs, though you can get more upscale glass options from some head shops. They’re effective for the budget consumer who’s looking to conserve weed, or for people who are simply looking for the most potent high they can get. Beware though—gravity bongs rush a heavy dose of smoke into your lungs and can lead to a VERY heavy high. But being a lil’ too stoned never hurt nobody, especially if you’re prepared for the experience.

(2) Handheld flower/oil vaporizers vs. (3) Steamrollers

Handheld flower and oil vapes are basically dab rigs and tabletop vaporizers miniaturized for portability. Examples are the Utillian 722, PAX 3, and Firefly 2. These handheld vaporizers are versatile and great options, as they allow quick and convenient consumption for those who prefer smoking flower and dabs alike over other portable solutions on oil vape pens.

Steamrollers are pipes with carbs on the end versus the side, which creates a free flow of air that basically fills your lungs with the biggest amount of smoke possible, all at once, like a straight-up locomotive. These thangs get you STONED, boy. It’s the hit that keeps on hittin’.

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